Communication studies for psychologists

Communication studies for psychologists




ECTS credit:3

Lecturer(s): prof. ddr. Rus Velko, prof. dr. Kobal Grum Darja


Communication: definitions and models of interpersonal communication: communicators, channel, message, feed – back, context; (none) verbal communication. Particular communication phenomena: congruity, emotional induction, self-fulfilling prophecy, persuasion. Criterion of effective/ successful communication. Communication and chosen variables: needs, motives, cognition and language, emotions, distance, social representations, attitudes and related variables, body characteristics. Communication and personality, self, crisis situations, anti’s tress management. – Communication and chosen phenomena/ relations like self – disclosure, social support, attraction, social influence (from persuasion to hypnosis), image management, social network, and social distance. Interpersonal, media, marketing, symbolism and cyber communication. TV, film, video, printed media, internet. Communication from the aspect of different groups, organizations and social systems (structure, processes, group dynamics, leadership, group decision, climate, culture. Chosen model of communicational training, communicational education/”training” and self – education. Application and special chapters – communication and speech/ language (linguistic), health, life quality, art, literature, attraction and romantic love.