Psycho-social Relations in School

Psycho-social Relations in School

Study Cycle: 2

Lectures: 45

Seminars: 30

Tutorials: 45

ECTS credit: 8

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Pirc Tina, prof. dr. Pečjak Sonja, prof. dr. Peklaj Cirila

• Qualitative learning environment: research, psychologist's tasks (working with the teacher, with the individual student, with the group of students, at the school level), comprehensive three tired preventive models, instruments for systematic screening to support positive behaviour.
• School adjustment and school culture (characteristics, types, changing school culture).
• Classroom and its characteristics: group goals, classroom norms, classroom structures, classroom cohesiveness.
• Student-Teacher Relationships: theory, research (student perceptions, teacher perceptions, observation), implications for classroom work, Pianta model of interpersonal student-teacher relationships.
• Teacher characteristics: demographic and personal characteristics, teacher expectations, beliefs and representational models.
• Interaction in the class: teacher classroom management, styles, strategies (proactive, preventive, curative - interventions to reduce student problem behaviours), verbal communication (giving and receiving infromation skills, problem solving skills), nonverbal communication (various aspects and their impact on students).
• Student characteristics: demographic characteristics, social competencies and social skills, difficulties in social competencies, measurement and development of students' social competencies.
• Relationships between students: types (friendship, acceptance, peer bullying), identification, development of social skills.
• School and parents: influence of the family environment on the student, cooperation between school and parents, role of the psychologist.