Landscape Ecology

Landscape Ecology

Lectures: 30

Seminars: 15

Tutorials: 15

ECTS credit: 6

Lecturer(s): asist. Bobovnik Nejc, izr. prof. dr. Ogrin Matej

• Theoretical and methodological background of landscape ecology and its role in implementing the sustainability paradigm;

• General characteristics of ecosystems in terms of their material-energy flow and the reasons for their transformation

• Abiotic and biotic elements of the environment, basic ecology of organisms;

• Elements of ecosystems, various forms of their interactions;

• Ecosystems as energy systems and the importance of biogeochemical cycles for their functioning and biomass production;

• Biodiversity and the adaptation to living conditions;

• The role of succession in maintaining the natural equilibrium and biodiversity;

• The application of ecosystem mechanisms in the planning of sustainable development;

• Fundamentals and criteria of landscape-ecological division. Indicators and criteria for environmental vulnerability assessment;

• Vulnerability of individual landscape elements and landscape-ecological units of Slovenia;

• Sustainable management of fragile ecosystems. Geographical characteristics of fragile ecosystems in Slovenia and restrictions on further human impacts.