Recent Developments in Preventive Archaeology in Europe

Recent Developments in Preventive Archaeology in Europe

Urednik: Predrag Novaković, Milan Horňák, Maria Pia Guermandi, Harald Stäuble, Pascal Depaepe & Jean-Paul Dem
The texts collected in the monograph are refined versions of the papers presented at the 22nd Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in Vilnius, 31st of August – 4th of September, 2016, in three sessions focused on various aspects of preventive archaeology: (TH2-07) 25 years later: Changes and conjunctures in preventive (development-led) archaeology in former ‘Eastern’ Europe; (TH2-10) After 1990: a turning point in the guiding principles of rescue excavations and its impact on scientific research; (TH2-19) Preventive Archaeology, Scientific Research and Economic Development. The very fact that the EAA’s Scientific Committee accepted three sessions focused on preventive archaeology and that 44 papers and 3 posters were presented by authors from 22 countries, clearly speaks for the paramount importance of the preventive archaeology not only in heritage protection sector, but for the archaeological discipline in general.

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ISBN: 9789612378875

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